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Break My Face In: It was the kindest touch you ever gave...

Fabulous Muscles

Mariah Noir
28 November 1985
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We are wrestling with our own retardation to cope, ultimately, with the retardation of others..

Loneliness isn't being alone, it's when someone loves you and you don't have it in you to love them back.

university student(?).
in love with love.
fast talker||good listener.
not really there when you need me.

Converse is 0wned by Nike you indie fucks.

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Nov. 24. 2006


I've always gone about these things all wrong.

LOOKBOOK.nu: collective fashion consciousness.
againist me!, albert camus, alcoholism, ambien, arthur schnitzler, asphyxiation, augusten burroughs, autocracy, being high, big band, bipolar disorder, black rebellion, black sunglasses, blair, blu velvet's lush rump, books, brian andreas, buddha, canada, cancer, central europe, chef, cigarettes, cipralex, civil liberties, coffee, cold war, communism, constitutional monarchies, croatia, dangerous situations, decomposition, depression, dildos, disability studies, downers, durga, eclectic lifestyles, effexor, electro shock therapy, english, erotic asphyxiation, essays, evelyn lau, existentialism, feminism, food, fred phelps, freedom, george orwell, ghost world, hangings, hinduism, history, ian anderson, ian curtis, imovane, inderal la, interpol, investigation, irvine welsh, isaac hayes, jazz, jean paul satre, jesus malverde, jethro tull, kali, krishna, lacey underwear, lexipro, liberation, life of pi, lobotomies, lost in translation, lounge music, m83, medication, meeting strangers, mental illness, mickey avalon, mount sims, moving units, murder, murder suicides, nationalism, negro oppression, new order, nick cave, niggaz, nooses, nudity, numbness, olive, ottawa, outcomes, painkillers, party monster soundtrack, philosophy, phobias, photography, pistol whipping, pixies, placebo, pornography, post modernism, professional exgirlfriends, prostitutes, psychiatry, psychological illnesses, psychosurgery, public executions, public nudity, rape, recreational drugs, reincarnation, religion, richard cheese, serge gainsbourg, sex, sex trade workers, shaft, shams, she wants revenge, six feet under, sleeping pills, spelling things incorrectly, stalin, stranglings, streetlamps, suffering, suicide, tattoos, the afterlife, the dirty three, the proposition, the walkmen, time philosophy, tori amos, un zeste de citron, university, uppers, valium, vicodin, wendy o williams, williams burroughs, women's rights, xiu xiu, █♥█, ♥♥♥